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At Adagio, we don’t want you to just feel good while you’re here. We want you to feel good all the time, so we offer a great selection of products to help you take your health into your own hands

Essential Oils

The benefits of essential oils depend on what you're looking for; different oils and combinations have their own healing properties. But if you aren't sure what you're looking for, we are always here to help!

Body Systems Facial Masks

Facial Mud (clay and coconut) - this thick exfoliating cleansing mud is perfect for removing extra grime or prepping skin that is prone to being oily, but is good for all skin types.
Coconut and Turmeric Facial Mask - Full of great ingredients to help restore even skin tone and impart vitamins and moisture to your thirsty skin.
Charcoal C Mask - This mask detoxes your pores, prevents everyday damage to skin, and is packed with Vitamin C.

Body Systems Personal Care

Deodorant - You've just found a great natural deodorant that REALLY works! This toxin-free deodorant is free of aluminum, zinc, parabens, soy, baking soda, and artificial fragrances.
Solid Perfume - these perfumes are alcohol free and infused with essential oil blends!

Ashely Black Fascia Blaster

The FasciaBlaster® by Ashley Black is the #1 selling self-massage myofascial tool for massaging your tissue. The FasciaBlaster® was designed, engineered, and manufactured by Ashley Black and can massage fascia and muscles on almost any area of the body.
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This isn't just any lip plumper! GrandeLIPS is a hydrating lip plumper that gives you an instant plump in 3-5 minutes! When used twice a day for 30 days, this clinically proven formula will produce a long-lasting increase in lip hydration, volume, softness and firmness.

Body Systems Vitamin C Facial Care

Body Systems manufactures skin care products by hand with fresh and healthy ingredients to support and enhance your lifestyle. Always made without parabens, gluten, soy, sulfates or SLS.

Body Systems Body Wash and Lotions

Body Washes - These mild, multi-purpose washes can be used on the body, bubble baths, or as a hand cleanser. They create a foaming lather leaving skin feeling pampered, clean and lightly moisturized. Delivers a soothing, delightful sensory experience with real essential oils and botanical extracts.
Body Lotion - Instantly nourish and hydrate your skin with our light, easily absorbed 12-hour moisturizer.

Ashley Black Master Blaster

The ultimate prep tool used with light pressure as well as an advanced tool with deeper pressure. Use as a prep tool, light and brisk at the surface layer of the skin. Use as a refining tool using the advanced techniques. The MasterBlaster™ combines the detailed approach of the FaceBlaster™ with the reach of the original FasciaBlaster. It comes with 9 small claws and a sleek, lightweight bar with ultimate coverage for the full body.
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Grande Eyelash Products

GrandeDRAMA - This product is something every woman needs! This mascara is infused with castor oil which is proven to promote longer, thicker eyelashes!
GrandaLASH-MD - This is a clear lash enhancing serum packed with vitamins, peptides, and amino acids to help give you longer and thicker looking eyelashes!

Gwei-Hua Balm

This balm can help with sinus pressure and tension headaches, soothe insect bites, aid in relieving rheumatoid arthritis and other joint pains as well as muscle aches. It is an all-around great product to keep on hand!

Ashley Black Mini 1

The Mini 1 has a handle, one claw, and a nugget tip which allows for smooth transitioning between fascia blasting and trigger point therapy, including hard-to-reach areas in your traps, neck, upper back, deltoids, lower leg, and inner thighs.
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Ashley Black Facial Products

Pre-Blast Cleanse - Before you begin fascia blasting your face, prep it with this amazing cleanser. It's good for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin.
Face Blaster Oil - This oil won't clog your pores but will allow the fascia blaster to glide over your face.
Post-Blast Cleanse - Use this after blasting to clean the oil and debris from your face that might have surfaced while blasting.
After Blaster Cream - This final step will help firm and tone your face after blasting.
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Body Systems Shower Infusers

Shower Infusers are essential oil filled fizzing tablets that are placed under the running water during your shower. The hot water/steam releases the aromatherapy "vapors" for you to enjoy. Benefits include muscle relaxation, help with sinus congestion, and an invigorating burst to start your day! (Each scent has a different benefit.)

Susan's CBD

Colorless, odorless, and does not contain THC. This high quality CBD oil is great for chronic pain and inflammation, and promotes a feeling of calmness and well-being.

Ashley Black Mini 2

The Mini 2™ from Ashley Black allows for easy single-handed fascia blasting. You can deploy all the techniques in hard to reach areas such as the inner thighs, neck, and arms. The Nugget tips on the Mini 2™ allow for smooth transitioning between fascia blasting and trigger point therapy.
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Ashley Black Blaster Oil and After Blaster Cream

Blaster Oil - The oil streams out of a spray bottle so you can apply it to target areas without getting your hands oily, which is ideal for gripping the FasciaBlaster® tools. The density and consistency allow the FasciaBlaster® tools to glide smoothly over the skin. It's also infused with a special ingredient that is proven in published studies to activate the fat burning cells in adipose (fat) tissue.
After Blaster Cream - carefully blended with ingredients such as arnica and aloe vera that have proven to tighten and firm skin and flatten wrinkles. When these elements are combined, they are the perfect post blast cream to calm and stabilize the skin, and can help take your experience to a whole new level.
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