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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

The Lymphatic system is a transport system that delivers nutrients to different areas of the body (joints, etc.) and picking up the waste to remove from the body.The main goal of MLD or Lymphatic Drainage is to improve upon or restore an impaired system that has been compromised because of surgery, injury, or illness.

Lymphatic Drainage is not a massage. It is a technique that is based on gentle, rhythmic and constant movements that mimic the rhythm of the body’s Lymphatic system.The MLD techniques help the body return to normal functioning more quickly by moving  “extra” fluids through the body and helping to soften fibrotic or hardened tissue by stimulating the Lymphatic system.

Keeping the Lymphatic system in good condition is imperative for promoting good health and restoring good health when the system has been compromised. People are looking increasingly to Lymphatic Drainage to reduce the effects of stress, relieve the effects of swelling and recovery from surgery,  and to boost skin care regimens. You may find this gentle, yet powerful technique to be a key to your improved health and well-being.

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a holistic treatment option.
  • MLD is non-invasive and can be performed fully clothed.
  • MLD  is relaxing and soothing to the nervous system.
  • MLD can be combined with other holistic and traditional therapies (massage)

FOR BEST RESULTS: 3-5 consecutive days initially

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: 3-5 sessions 1 week before surgery; 3-5 sessions 1 week after surgery

MAINTENANCE: One session every 1-3 months or as needed.

Full body session (1 hour) – $85

3-5 sessions consecutive days – $75 each