Find a Healing Massage Therapist in Sedalia, MO

Don't just relax your muscles - repair them with massage therapy

When life moves quickly, you put your body under a lot of strain and tension. You need time to slow down and heal yourself before you cause serious damage. You need a talented massage therapist who can help relieve your sore muscles and declutter your mind.


If you're looking to restore your body's health from injuries and stress in Sedalia, MO, turn to Adagio Therapeutic Massage. Our comprehensive massage therapy services and professionally-trained massage therapists will get you back to full movement and stress-free living in no time.


Take a moment to unwind with us

Our massage therapists know how to put you at ease using slow, graceful movements. We emphasize this approach in our choice of company name - "adagio" means "slow tempo."

Consider a visit to our studio as your opportunity for meditation - a chance to restore your body and clarify your thinking. It matters to us that all of our treatments pamper, relax and repair your body, including our:




Our far-infrared sauna sessions are self-guided, but offer the chance for reflection and toxin release.


Ready to take life at a slower pace? Contact us now to schedule your meditative massage therapy.


We can relieve aches and pains of all types

If you need a massage therapist service, count on our 25 years of experience. We're trained to:

  • Relieve common muscle strains
  • Aid with medical injury recovery
  • Provide reflexology foot massages
  • Relax connective tissue fascia

Our customers depend on our massage therapy services because they get lasting results. Don't just relax your muscles, repair them through regular treatment. You can trust that we'll work toward restoring healthy movement.

Get back to moving and grooving, pain-free. Visit us today for expert massage therapy.

Cancellation Policy

We require a notification of at least 4 business hours to change or cancel an appointment. In the event of a cancellation or a no show we expect payment for a missed appointment and/or the forfeiture of the gift certificate.