Far-Infrared Sauna

You Won't Find Another Sauna Like Ours in Sedalia, MO

Get all of the benefits of sauna without extreme heat

Saunas can be therapeutic, relaxing and fun. But if you're a person who doesn't like heat, the sauna experience can be overwhelming.

If you're looking for regular sauna sessions without debilitating heat, turn to Adagio Therapeutic Massage. Our far-infrared sauna will give you the health benefits of a traditional sauna at more comfortable temperatures.

Our sauna experience also offers full-spectrum light therapy to boost your mood, especially during gray winter months. Call 660-829-4299 to schedule your far-infrared sauna session.


Treat yourself to a full-body detox

After spending 30 to 45 minutes in our sauna, you'll begin to see immediate improvements in your body's mobility and function. The benefits of regular far-infrared sauna sessions can include:

  • Reduced toxin levels
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Fewer muscle spasms
  • An energized immune system
  • Sinus congestion relief

Jump-start your physical and mental health with a far-infrared sauna session. 30-minute sessions are just $20. Contact us now to learn more about the many health benefits to our unique sauna experience.